Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Vyas Parivar Dadi Sheth Agyari Lane

Vyas Parivar

Vyas Parivar

Vyas Parivar
Vyas Parivar-2017

Vyas Parivar welcomes Ganesh in their traditional home since 118 years !! A Gujarati family residing in dadi Seth agiari lane, Chirabazar brings home and celebrates Ganesh festival as a family tradition since past 118 years. It is really heart warming to see such enthusiasm and devotion for this celebration in today's generation where festivals are fading away. They truly in their heart and spirits worship the lord for all 10 days. Every year, with their new concept of decoration, they pass on the Lord's spiritual significance to the visitors in their own unique way. This year the Lord's abode is decorated with nearly 600 coconuts which is of deep significance in Hindu culture. The theme depicts all materials used to worship the lord like, banana leaves, flowers, sacred thread, betel leaves and betel nuts. The serenity and the positive energy of the Lord's idol is captivating.

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